Mission Statement

The Malcolm X Museum

We, of the Board of Directors of the Malcolm X Museum, have come together in the spirit of Brother Malcolm X to establish a living museum that would reflect the legacy of El Hajj Malik el-Shabazz's (Malcolm X's) roots in the struggle for Black Liberation.

We recognize that the Malcolm X Museum grows out of a long community struggle to save the Audubon Ballroom and to transform it into a site dedicated to the powerful legacy of Brother Malcolm X. Some of us were directly involved in that struggle. As a result, we established the idea of the need for a space that is permanently allocated to archiving and memorializing the life and times of Brother El Hajj Malik el- Shabazz.

It is in this sense that our goals are:

• To provide a digital repository for the collection, archival and display of Malcolm X artifacts, memorabilia and published materials from around the world.

• To inform and educate our immediate and global communities that are dedicated to developing strategies and solutions for human rights and fundamental social change based on the writings, speeches and teachings of El Hajj Malik el-Shabazz.

To establish the Malcolm X Museum as an official center for the cogent study and discussion of Brother Malcolm X, highlighting his power as a human being, neighbor, friend, community leader, husband, father, and freedom fighter.

• To empower a future of social activists and Human Rights advocates with the organizational tools Brother Malcolm X developed through his years of research, study and struggle.

The Malcolm X Museum is a space for cultural and social activities that to aid our Black and oppressed communities in their efforts to inform and raise political science and cultural consciousness among our people– as Brother Malcolm was doing before his assassination.